Ghost Stories

There are many strange and frightening stories told in Ustalav. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

The Saffron House

Few know the tale of this abandoned manor, but all who rediscover the residence soon recognize its lingering wrongness. Some blame their uneasiness on the claustrophobic layout, the moldy furniture covers, or the skittering in the walls. But others claim something sinister haunts the hidden wreck, a foulness embodied by the nauseating shade of yellow staining every surface, inspiring both repulsion and obsession. Does some evil evidence linger in that malarial hue, or could it be a glimpse of something greater—something that hungers?

The Starving Spectre

Jains Cobermain feared nothing more than being buried alive. The startlingly corpulent grave tender even designed his own coffin, complete with devices to warn those above should he be mistakenly interred. Yet when he passed on, his miserly brother buried him on the cheap in a plain pine box. None can say whether Cobermain was truly dead when he was buried, but his hungry spirit now roams Ardagh’s Lanternwatch Cemetery, a horrifying spectre clad in the fleshy tatters of one who slowly starved within the grave.

Ghost Stories

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